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Campbell Surname and DNA

Robert Estes in her blog, DNA Explained, recently took on the old historical story of the Campbells of Scotland. Many history books say the old Medieveal name of Campbell was Fairfield  and when the family fell out of favor with … Continue reading

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Ethnicity Explained

Roberta Estes in her DNA-Explained blog today reviewed the Ethnicity reports for Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, 23 and Me and Gedmatch, basically, all the genetic genealogy testing companies. Using her own results she described each test and explained the differences … Continue reading

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Mic’s X-Chromosome

After studying X-Chromosomes I got excited about trying to figure out how my X-chromosome cousins actually match me. So, I created new web-blog called Mic’s X-Chromosome which may be accessed at   You may wish to visit the site … Continue reading

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Cousin’s Cousin?

Am I no longer my cousin’s cousin? Over a period of several months I attempted to contact my first cousin. Initially, I would get her voice mail but after never getting a return call, I would just call and hang … Continue reading

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