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First, there is the Your Family Tree Newsletter site.

Then, there are the three DNA sites, Micsxchromosome , which includes a DNA blog composed by Mic. Initially the blog was only about X-Chromosomes but has since been expanded to included pretty much anything about any DNA subject. Then there is the Barnett DNA Surname Project site and the Finch DNA Surname Project site. A link to each one of them is located in the banner above. Just click on DNA Others will likely be added later.

If you are researching Barnett’s  or Finch’s you will probably wish to sign up at the RSS logo at the top left of each website for either a RSS feed of your choice or for E-Mail notification when  new posts are added. Both sites are home to DNA studies of the two surnames as well as genealogical sites.


There is a list of some of the articles and other websites Mic has published on the Links Page of this site.

Everyone will, hopefully, wish to sign up for an RSS feed of your choice or E-Mail notification when new posts are made to the Your Family Tree Newsletter.  This site is independent of the other two and is a modern version and continuation of the genealogical and historical column Mic Barnette penned from 1994 to 2004 in the Houston Chronicle.


Your Family Tree will feature helpful research hints, links to internet resource links and reviews of books and other products Important to anyone conducting genealogical research.

While a part of a network of sites, each of the three sites are independent of the other. To receive RSS or E-Mail notification one must subscribe for each at the RSS Logo on the appropriate site.